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Looking for a reliable AC contractor in Volusia County? Call us for air conditioning tune-ups, repairs, and installation!

Air conditioners are practically a household necessity here in South Daytona, FL, where the days can be uncomfortably warm. These machines ensure that we can continue our daily rituals in comfort, regardless of the sweltering outdoor heat.

Our experts at Jerry Brittingham A/C & Heat, Inc. are ready to provide quality cooling solutions that don’t disappoint, including:

  • AC tune-ups
  • Freon recharges
  • Thermal duct inspection
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Evaporator coil leak detection
  • Ductless AC installation and repair
  • Central AC installation and repair
  • Indoor air quality services

Not sure if we’re up to the task? Our gleaming client reviews, A+ BBB rating, and Angie’s List Super Service Award might be enough to assure you!

Have You Encountered Any of These AC Issues?

If you catch AC problems early, you can prevent costly breakdowns. Periodically check your system for these warning signs and call us for fast and effective AC repair services if you notice any issue:

  • Unusually high utility bills
  • Dusty or moldy odors
  • High indoor humidity
  • Unusual sounds
  • Frequent cycling
  • Uneven cooling
  • Insufficient airflow

The Benefits of a New Cooling System

If your air conditioner hits the 15-year mark, it might be time to consider a new model. Modern units offer lower energy consumption, improved indoor air quality, and longer lifespans. Getting a replacement can also be the more cost-effective choice since old, outdated ACs often require more frequent repairs.

As an established air conditioning installation company and a RUUD Pro Partner, you can rely on us for quality AC installation services that exceed your expectations. Our experts will also provide a full overview of the pros and cons of your cooling options – and help you make a final decision on how to proceed.

Don’t have the budget for a new AC system? Our convenient financing options might be just what you need!

Learn About Our Air Conditioner Tune-Up Process

Our AC maintenance services offer a high return on investment because they can help you avoid expensive repairs and replacements. Besides lowering the risk of unexpected breakdowns, tune-ups are also useful for recovering lost efficiency, maintaining safety, increasing your unit’s lifespan, and improving indoor air quality.

We follow a comprehensive AC maintenance process that includes:

  • Checking and tightening every electrical connection.
  • Lubricating moving components.
  • Testing the compressor contacts.
  • Inspecting the capacitors for damage.
  • Checking operating temperatures.
  • Flushing and cleaning the condensate drain.
  • Adjusting and cleaning the thermostat.
  • Measuring refrigerant levels.
  • Cleaning or replacing the air filter.
  • Cleaning the outdoor condenser coil.
  • Assessing the blower motor.

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