Daytona Beach Air Conditioning Repair

Keep your air conditioning running efficiently and effectively. Call today for repairs in Volusia County!

At Jerry Brittingham A/C & Heat, Inc., we understand how much you rely on your air conditioner—because we live here in Daytona Beach, FL, too. That’s why we offer reliable AC repair with convenient scheduling, transparent pricing, and top-notch customer service.

We’re a Ruud Pro Partner and have nearly 20 years of experience. Our AC contractors can handle both ductless and central AC repair and are familiar with every brand. We don't charge diagnostic fees, and all our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Building a new home here in Daytona Beach? We also offer top-tier AC installation services with industry-leading warranties.

Common Air Conditioner Problems

Air conditioning systems are complex machines—a lot can go wrong—but some problems are more common than others. Fortunately, many of these issues are relatively easy to fix. Give us a call if you notice:

  • Lukewarm or warm airflow.
  • Inconsistent cooling.
  • Strange smells or sounds coming from your unit.
  • Moisture around or on the unit.
  • A sudden spike in your utility bills.

We’ve served the Daytona Beach area since 2002. There’s no cooling system problem we haven’t seen—or fixed. No matter what’s wrong with your AC, you can count on us to get it back up and running quickly and efficiently.

AC Repair vs. Replacement

While we can repair any air conditioner, there are cases where it isn't cost-effective to do so. It may be time to consider replacing your air conditioner if it is more than 15 years old, a major component is defective, or you're experiencing increasingly frequent problems.

Our experienced HVAC contractors will always perform a complete inspection before beginning repairs at no cost. If repairs alone are unlikely to restore your cooling system's efficiency and reliability or the cost to repair the system would be close to or more than a replacement, we'll be honest with you about your options. We strive to offer the best customer service possible.

When was the last time your ducts were inspected? Duct damage can be to blame for AC performance issues.

Prevent the Need for Repairs with Regular AC Maintenance

Annual air conditioner maintenance is the key to preventing the need for repairs. During your AC tune-up, our experts will find and fix any minor problems with your air conditioning unit before they can escalate. Not only will this ensure that your AC breaks down less often, but it will also keep your cooling costs low and improve your indoor air quality.

While your service visit may vary slightly depending on whether you have a ductless or central AC, the brand, and any issue present, typically, our professionals will:

  • Inspect electric terminals and their non-conductive coating.
  • Test and lubricate working components.
  • Check for refrigerant leaks and refrigerant levels.
  • Examine air ducts for leaks and blockages.
  • Ensure sufficient air flows through the evaporator coil.
  • Make sure the thermostat is properly calibrated and in working order.

If you’re looking for a reliable air conditioner repair service, look no further than Jerry Brittingham A/C & Heat, Inc. Call us at 386-401-0101 today for fast service in Daytona Beach, FL.